Lake Arrowhead Resort & Spa


With Destination weddings on the rise, but not a new idea, Lake Arrowhead Resort is certainly one of the best places to have a destination Wedding. With only being somewhat a little over 45 min from Los Angeles, this destination wedding venue in California prides itself on luxury service and accommodation. Aside from the beautiful property, when having your wedding in Lake Arrowhead you can’t go wrong if you are the adventurous and outdoors type of couple. Elevated Lake Side Luxury, easy access trails, and the forest just walking distance, you aren’t to far from an adventure while staying here. Of course it would be nice to take a visit to the spa afterwards, but goodness, does the water feel incredible during the summer (during the winter is subjective, lol). A small town vibe does the trick and makes you feel far away from home with out being to far from the city. Lake Arrowhead Village is just next door for some shopping, dinning, or necessities in there big but small mom and pop markets. I can’t say enough good things about this community, and environment when visiting the town every time I film here. It’s always a joy and I’m sure if you’re still reading this, you too will see this is the perfect place to have your wedding.

Now let’s talk a lot more about the venue, with fine dinning and necessities are on site there’s also Fitness Studio Access with Daily Classes, Access to Pool Area, Hot Tub, Steam Room, and Locker Room as well as a private beach and you may not want to leave the property. As for weddings, there are four different ballrooms to choose from, and eight different locations on site to have your wedding. This wedding venue can accommodate large or intimate size events. If you are going for a more intimate type of moment, you can reserve the gorgeous wine room with a circular high glass wall that wraps around the architecture for a reception setting. This low light atmosphere makes time feel slow, elegant and intimate for those special moments you only want to share with the people you are closest to. If an enclosed room setting isn’t your fit, or it’s already booked (because it’s popular) you to can reserve a section in the fine dinning restaurant just across the way, a more woodsy cabin environment for the evening. Aside from these there are so many options to choose from.

I personally favorite the lawn setting or wine room. Theses two are stunning in there own rights. As I’ve already talked a little about the wine room, let me tell you about the lawn. An outside setting under the stars with stringed lighting as your ceiling and thick towering trees between you and the lake. Perfectly trimmed grass and a wooden deck to either have your ceremony or reception, makes for a great outdoor party. Especially after a hot day and the wind starts to take speed above the water, bringing a relaxing breeze.

If a ballroom celebratory environment gives you the feels, they have 4 different ballrooms to choose from. accommodating up to 400 guest in certain rooms. Each having the ability to dress them as elegantly or simple as you’d like. Regardless, its always nice when you don’t have to far after the party because you and your guest booked the rooms on site.

With the Lakeside deck just outside the restaurant, poolside area for the reception there’s only the private beach to talk about. Being able to accommodate up to 350 people for a reception, this is the closest you can have your wedding to the water without actually being in the water. I assume best of both worlds, forest and beach wedding, no need to go to Cabo or Fiji, leave that for honeymoon (lol) … With either a Tiki feel as your decoration, simple luxury style or Rustic Set-up, they are able to really accommodate everything you need to have a stunning and unforgettable wedding.

I hope you find value and resource in the words above in helping narrow down your search for the perfect destination wedding venue. If you’re are tired of reading and haven’t already you can just watch the video to see for yourself.