I love God, people, travel, and Sushi. A lot of my passing time is invested in creative projects, mostly around moments and other times through narrative. My wife has gotten me into the "punny" things of life and my family is growing, between church, friends and newly inherited in-laws. As an adolescent I couldn’t sit still and always concluded to creative by my curiosity. As life added a few inches to my height, the curiosity of travel has really taken my heart. I've been blessed to venture to three continents and five countries and let every one of them shape me in a special way. I've never imagined myself as a wedding cinematographer, but because of the incredibly valuable moments of a wedding day and the beauty of love that takes place below the chuppah, I soon realized that weddings have ventured me into places that a plane could not. It's these moments that make me ecstatic to meet you and your fiance.

I use to tell stories as a photographer, now as a cinematographer. Having learned to wait for time to give me the moment, allowing me to freeze it so we can remember when our memory fades. In a obscure and abstract way does this piece of art creates something that before 200 years ago we could never give to someone else, a memory. I am humbled and pleased in documenting the memories of your new venture through this same wonderful contraption defined as film.

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